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Real prices. Upfront pricing, no more tax to pay and no hidden extras.
Go into rebuild with your eyes wide open.

At Rawson Homes we are proud of everything we do, especially our honest, upfront attitude. Whilst other builders tend to start low and add to the price once you’ve locked in, we believe in making a real promise about price upfront, so you know exactly what your costs will be way before any contract is signed.  Ask any other builder if there will be any additional costs at contract signing stage and you may be very surprised by the answer.

At first glance our price may seem more than some of our competitors but we know that by the time you move in, it won’t be. We also know- in the words of all homeowners who return to build with Rawson Homes – that they’d rather know the total cost upfront and go into their rebuild with everything set in stone. It’s about knowing the real price, the real deal from day one.

Pick up our Rebuild with Rawson brochure at any of our display centres for further information.


Photographs and other pictures on this website may show fixtures, fittings or finishes which are not supplied by Rawson Homes, or which are only available in some Rawson Homes designs or when selected as inclusions.  This may include landscaping and outdoor items, floor coverings, furniture, kitchen, bathroom and light fittings and other decorative items, which are shown as examples only.


Any prices on this website do not include the supply of items like this. 


Please speak to a sales consultant/salesperson to discuss detailed home pricing for different designs and inclusions