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Paul Julia
Knock down and rebuild with Rawson.

Building on an existing block isn’t as easy as building in the middle of a green field site. You can’t just plonk any plan down and expect it to fit. The good news is our experience in this area has enabled us to create and design a huge range of floor plans to suit just about every block big or small, wide to narrow, flat to moderately sloping.

With that we have a great range of facades to help you to create a home that makes your statement whilst also suiting your streetscape. Every council seems a little bit different, with different regulations, setbacks, privacy allowances plus so much more. However we are the experts, we know their rules and requirements and have the plans to suit.  Saving you time and money and saving you from the need for expensive ongoing architect fees as one example.

What is the use of an inclusions package, which doesn’t include everything?  Not much. Which is why our Luxe+ Inclusions not only gives you the finishes interior designers dream of but also the everyday items that you’d otherwise have to pay for – later!

We are all about style, but we are also about practicality. From the driveway, to the fly screens, the insulation to the floor coverings, our promise is that everything you need to move in tomorrow is included today.

A base price home will never match your needs it’s like buying the car without the engine, a very costly exercise that doesn’t work for you. That’s why we are the real deal; everything is included upfront, no nasty surprises later. Ask any other builder if they can make that commitment.