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Image Building a Rawson home - Step by Step

Aim for the stars

Sustainable building designs & practices that provide fuel for the soul not the environment.

Every home today achieves a star rating or BASIX score(NSW scoring system), these indicators enable you to achieve an indication of how comfortable your new home will be & how much you’re likely to save on heating & cooling costs.

The star rating scale goes up to 10 stars-the highest that can possible be achieved. In many states new homes are required to be at least 5 stars, astute new home buyers are asking for their homes to be 6 stars or more.

Rawson Homes does not offer a select range of “Green” homes. Every home we design & offer to clients can achieve a very strong star rating, in fact it can be as high as you the owner want it to be.

Sustainable design principles are paramount with every Rawson home. With the rising costs of our energy needs and being ever mindful of the conservation of our precious resources we at Rawson Homes have worked hard to develop our designs to reap benefits for you & the environment for now & in the long term.

You as the client will achieve an environmentally responsible home that provides you with a better quality of life, a home that is cleaner, a home that is healthier for you & your family to live in, but also one that provides you with a comfortable contemporary lifestyle at a lower running cost.

With that in mind, we at Rawson Homes have the team who understand the many different aspects of each design, which would be of most benefit to you & best suit the block of land you wish to build on. We also understand the many different products and features available today that will enable you to achieve a home of environmental excellence.