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As the demand for dual occupancy homes and duplex designs continues to grow, we speak to soon-to-be owner Gerry Fochesato about making the decision to double up, and on the journey that follows.

Due to steep property prices and dense inner-city suburbs, Australians are having to become more inventive than ever to own the home of their dreams. Thanks to the duplex, a growing number of would-be homeowners are now finding entry into a property market that they were otherwise barred from. 

Gerry Fochesato is in the process of building a duplex of her own, and she has engaged the team at Rawson Homes to bring her vision to life. For Gerry, the greater return on investment and the option to rent spaces as needed meant building a duplex property was an enticing opportunity. Gerry’s decision to knock down her current home and build a duplex centred around her lifestyle. Her children are reaching the stage where they are likely to soon fly the nest, and Gerry sought the freedom that comes with owning a duplex property. Living in a duplex requires less maintenance than the average house and the property can provide a great income stream. 

“I like having options for the future,” Gerry says. “With a duplex, I can choose to live on one side and rent the other side, or perhaps sell one side, or both,” she says. “Another option is to rent both sides if I decide to one day move out of Sydney or live overseas for a while.” The timing was perfect, but before Gerry could sign up to build her duplex, she needed to get informed to make some key decisions. Consulting with Rawson Homes, Gerry learned what designs would work on her land and comply with council regulations. The floorplan of the home, the street appeal and gaining financial approval from the bank were all factors Gerry needed to consider. She also calculated the rent she could charge per month, which would assist with her loan repayments. 

Aesthetically, Gerry seeks a home that disrupts the outdated stereotypes of a duplex. This means having exteriors that align with the style of the homes in her neighbourhood and interiors that suit her needs and tastes, both now and in the years to come. “I’ve decided to build the Mayfield MKIII home design with the Hampton façade, which suits the area I live in,” says Gerry. 

“I’ve made extensions and changes to the side of the home I wish to live in, to suit my future needs, and kept the other side more like the standard floor plan,” she says. Rawson Homes, Gerry explains, has helped her navigate these design changes. The objective of the team at Rawson Homes is to create houses that enhance the lifestyle of each and every individual. Like many others, Gerry has learned that two homes are better than one.

Words Alice Griffin, INHABIT Magazine, Issue Two

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