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The home building process

When Homes Are Designed For Your Family’s Specifications

Two of the best things a home can offer a growing family is space and flexibility in design. Every family is different, and trying to design a home that fits everyone’s needs is like fitting a square peg into a round hole.

Ben Hogan, General Manager of Rawson Communities, says it’s worth taking your time here to consider your family’s needs now and into the future. Multiple living spaces can be useful as families grow, while play rooms that can morph into study areas or home theatres may be attractive, they could also give your family the ability to use it for extended family and friends when visiting.

As well as minor adjustments, Rawson Homes can flip floor plans to make better use of the available natural light while others may have standard variations such as optional alfresco areas or even in-law accommodation. If you can’t find a design that meets your needs exactly, our designers are available to work with you to adjust a design to suit you. Our stunning range of LUX inclusions (which other builders call extras) will make your home the envy of your neighbourhood.

When shopping around, take full advantage of the display villages and take your time touring different designs. Our consultants can help smooth the process of creating a new home, with options for single and double storey homes, small and narrow blocks, house and land packages, as well as knockdown rebuild options.

If you’re lacking in land space, consider the Acton home, containing four bedrooms and an open living space making it the ideal home if you’re working with a slimmer block of land.

“Rawson Homes can build your dream home, with quality inclusions and your choice of specifications, at a real price with no hidden extras,” says Hogan. “We aim to develop a quality new home according to the needs and wants of your family and deliver your new dream home.”

Rawson Homes has proven its versatility and quality of build time and time again. With almost 40 years experience, we design well-planned homes that use space directly and efficiently with no wasted areas. Diversity is the key, at Rawson Homes, we are always working with a variety of architects to develop new home designs and an extensive range which is abreast of the latest design trends and ever changing needs of your family.

So, when it comes to planning a home that suits your family’s needs, we can provide the solutions you need to make a house your home – This Is Real Living.

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