5 bedroom home designs

Explore Modern and Functional 5 Bedroom House Designs with Rawson Homes

Your home should reflect your unique personality and cater to your growing family's needs. At Rawson Homes, we are committed to bringing your dream home vision to life. Our range of 5 bedroom house plans includes designs for level, sloping, and acreage blocks, with stylish façade options and practical and modern finishings and features.

We understand that a growing family needs ample space to retreat and entertain, which is why our 5 bedroom house plans have been thoughtfully crafted to include multiple living spaces and entertaining zones. We balance beauty with functionality, ensuring that your Rawson Home exudes quality, style, value, and comfort. With a big range of 5 bedroom house designs to choose from, we have the perfect plan to suit your family's needs. Feel at home with Rawson Homes.