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Rawson Homes offer a range of homes to suit everyone's different needs and budget, and the base price of our home is one way we can help you compare us with other builders.

Understanding Base Price

The base price is the price for the build of your home but there are other costs that you will need to know about and consider, like the Essentials and Move-In cost. At Rawson Homes we are here to help you understand the difference and we pride ourselves on being upfront and transparent from the very beginning. 

Talk to our new homes consultants today to find out more about the base price and move-in price of your home and let us help you find the place to be yourself.

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  • Base Price

    The base price includes your home design, floor plan, classic facade and basic builder features.
  • The Essentials

    To start building your home, site costs, authority and legislative fees need to be paid - we call these the Essentials
  • Move-In

    The base price plus the Essentials equal your Move-In price. This is cost you will need to pay to start building your home.



NSW advertised Base Price are based on the single storey Grace 23 and double storey Benham 21. ACT Selected homes advertised Base Price in the ACT are based on the single storey Eden 22 and double storey Chifley 27.

Base Price includes the home design, classic façade, ceramic tiling to wet areas and basic builder requirements to complete the construction of the home. It does not include any site costs, Local Complying Authority or Developer requirements, BASIX/EERS requirements, concrete driveway, floor coverings, air conditioning, rainwater tank or any unforeseen site requirements.

Move-In Price includes the Base Price items, rainwater tank and site costs for a standard block. A standard block is defined as up to 700m2, even cut and fill across the building footprint, "M" class soil classification, Standard concrete bored piers (Refer to specification), all services located within boundaries, and garage setback of up to 5.5m from the front boundary. This price is subject to a Geotechnical report and Engineering design and excludes site specific BASIX/EERS requirements, developer requirements (if applicable), section 7.11 contributions (if applicable), unforeseen site conditions, building adjacent to sewer requirements and any non-standard Local Authority requirements.

Please refer to your tender for specific details of the inclusions and exclusions factored into the price.