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How to create the perfect workspace at home

According to the 2016 census, more than 3.5 million Australians choose to work from home. Citing reasons such as flexibility and a greater opportunity for home-work balance, it has become increasingly important that their workspace allows for optimum output whilst being aesthetically in keeping with the style of their home.



It is essential to take time to plan when designing your office space. Begin by deciding on a budget and stick to it. Given one of the reasons to work from home is to save money, it is important to start with something that doesn’t leave you in debt. Visit online sites for ideas on inclusions such as ergonomic furniture, laptops and phones. Sketch out what you have in mind, and include measurements of the space that you have. Armed with a budget and a plan, you are now ready to visit some showrooms.



Unless you are an IT expert often the choice of computer and accompanying accessories can seem daunting. Accessing online sites such as Choice, can provide valuable information regarding cost, variety and suitability of devices. For those who prefer a demonstration or a discussion, it would be advisable to visit a showroom to have your queries answered by an expert in the field. Questions to consider would be; do I prefer a desktop or a laptop; do I need a printer and a scanner; and what software will I need?



There are two important areas to consider when decorating your study – lighting and colour scheme. Whilst natural light is ideal, when this is reduced it is important that your workspace has enough lighting for you to work without eyestrain. Often an overhead, adjustable light is sufficient during the day; however, a small lamp may give more specific light in the evening. Of all colours that are most conducive to work, it is advisable to look towards shades of blue or green. Blue stimulates the mind, can also assist concentration and be calming when deadlines draw near. Often a splash of green can adds a freshness to your study that may also invigorate with new ideas.


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