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Roof Styles Explained

There’s no denying that choosing a roof for your home is an important decision. Not only does a roof protect us from the elements, but it also has a significant impact on the look and feel of your new home.  

So, where to begin? If you have a style of home in mind, be it contemporary, coastal or classic, allow this to guide your roof selection. For instance, a gabled roof is perfect for Hamptons-style homes, while a flat roof suits the aesthetic of a more modern-style home. Some materials and colours are also better suited to coastal or rural settings.  

Rawson Homes has a range of home designs with different roof styles to choose from, which allows you to put your own personal stamp on this important structural element. Scroll through our galleries here.  

Just beginning your home building journey? Start by weighing up your options with this rundown of the most popular roof types. 

Gabled roof 

Mayfield Hampton Facade 
Also known as a pitched or peaked roof, a gabled roof is made up of two sloping sections that meet at the top. Cost-effective and easy to maintain, they’re perfect for country or Hamptons-style homes. Add dormer or circular windows to let in the light or use the vacant space in the peak as an attic. The Mayfield home design with Hamptons façade features a double-gabled roof. 

Hipped roof 


Similar to a gabled roof, a hipped roof features three or more pitched planes sloping down from a central ridge. The generous eaves provide shade and excellent wind-resistance, making them a good choice for coastal areas. Check out the Keough design

Flat roof 


As the name suggests, a flat roof is almost completely level, with a slight pitch to allow for run-off of rainwater. This style often features in modern homes and is constructed from concrete or metal. Thanks to its simple structure, a flat roof is an economic and easy-clean option. Our Seville home design features a flat roof. 

Skillion roof 

Popular in coastal and suburban homes, a skillion roof is a single flat roof pitched at a dramatic angle. Its clean, modernist lines make a striking statement, and the slanting nature is well suited to skylights and solar panels. Alandra is a stunning example.  

The second thing to consider for your roof is the materials you'll build it from. There are two main options for roofing materials, and it will ultimately come down to the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve:  

Roof tiles  

Roof tiles are long-lasting, energy-efficient and easy to repair, and come in a range of shapes, colours and profiles, adding character and charm to your home’s façade. Choose from terracotta tiles, made from kiln-fired clay and topped with a coloured glaze, or concrete tiles, a blend of sand and cement with a tinted pigment mixed through. Colours range from burnt oranges and browns to greys, blacks and even metallics.  

Coated steel roofing 

Corrugated iron roofs have long been synonymous with Australian architecture, but more recent advancements mean that today’s sheet-metal roof products are now better equipped than ever to withstand our harsh weather conditions. Strong, non-combustible and easy-to-maintain, painted steel like Colorbond suits all roof styles. It comes in a range of profiles, including flat and corrugated, and colours and achieves a sleek, more minimalist aesthetic. Opt for lighter shades for the best heat deflection.  

Interested in learning more? Contact us to learn about the roof styles and materials available through Rawson Homes.


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