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5 Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal

Creating curb appeal doesn’t have to be hard. Take it one step at a time – here are the quickest, most dramatic and simple ways to create an instant style for your Rawson façade and boost your happiness every time you come home. Check out our virtual design studio to customise your dream home and get a glimpse of what your front lawn appeal could look like.

1. Add a Touch of Brick

Make a great first impression with bricks for your new home. As a building material, bricks have stood the test of time: they’re hardworking, aesthetically versatile, easily maintained, and affordable. They’re also a great way of adding texture and complexity to your façade. The look you create will depend on the type of bricks, the colour, the pattern, and the application. Choose from cream to grey, tan, buff, pink, brown or black bricks from Rawson’s top award-winning Australian brick manufacturer suppliers. You can also tailor an individual look that suits your taste and setting with mortar in off-white or grey.

2. Sparkling Metal Windows and Doors

Introduce more light into your life with metal doors and windows in aluminium that have slim sight lines and form a visual bridge between indoors and out. Rawson uses Australia’s leading manufacturer Stegbar’s tough, insulated glazing with frames that can be customized in hundreds of colours, and work with a range of architectural styles.

3. A Smart Front Door

The quickest and most effective way to add style to your house entry is your front door.  Think of it like jewellery for your house.  It can be a little flashier than the rest of the outfit. With the right colour (and door knocker), your house can become the goddess of cool.  Rawson offers high-quality Corinthian entrance doors, with the ‘Madison’ door collection that features clear glass panels and surrounds that can be painted in endless colours.

4. Good-Looking Gutters

Whatever style your house, don’t underestimate the importance of gutters. Rawson uses Colorbond’s maintenance-free gutters and fascia that will set the tone for everything else – they are a versatile look that complements all house facades.

5. The Roof

Every great house has a great roof. Rawson offers two options; from its supporting partner Monier who produces flat concrete tile roofs which evoke a feeling of permanence and craftsmanship. In fact, they actually are permanent. With care, the tile roof will last forever. Besides their longevity, concrete roof tiles are also insulating and fireproof. Alternatively, you can opt for a metal Colorbond roof which is a low-maintenance, high-aesthetic option that is energy-efficient, reducing home energy costs, especially in hot climates. It is sustainable, long-lasting and durable, not to mention fire-and wind-resistant.

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