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7 Luxuries that will transform your life

Luxury comes in many forms. Of course, you want your house to look good – but the way it makes you feel is just as important. These are the things that will make a great difference to your life. Remember you should never skimp on the things you notice or touch daily. Rawson Homes make it easy to customise your home and add your own touch of luxury with our Custom Collections.

1. Pull-out Shelving in Kitchen Cabinets

For storing appliances and pantry items, installing high-end Hafele pull-out shelves and storage solutions will bring out all the hidden items at the back into the light, making them easy to reach and easy to put away.

2. Interior shutters

Averse to curtains? Shutters are a great alternative. They filter the light in unexpected ways, create natural ventilation, control heat and add glamour. And they don’t require dry cleaning, are easy to dust because of the generous space between the blades and the fact there are no strings. And they never rattle in the wind.

3. A Top-Of-The-Line-Range

A great oven will instantly elevate any kitchen. Rawson offers high-end Westinghouse appliances including the brand’s desirable 90cm electric upright freestanding stainless steel oven that comes with five-burner gas cooktop and wok burner. It’s a great looker that does its job terrifically well, too.

4. Beautiful Architectural Door Hardware

Match door hardware to space rather than the furnishings: if you’ve got a modern space the door handles should match that, rather than your floral sofa.  Knobs should turn easily, pulls should feel good in the hand, hinges should swing effortlessly. Everything should shut square. Rawson offers a sleek selection of Gainsborough door hardware in stainless steel which is trouble-free and cast aluminium which is a resilient option.

5. A Metal Roof

The favourite roofing material of most architects? Hands-down the vote goes to “low maintenance, high aesthetic” metal. Energy-efficient, sustainable, and long-lasting, metal roofs also provide a nice pitter-patter in the rain. Colorbond roofing is one of the options offered by Rawson.

6. Auto-Lock Garages

For instant curb appeal, you can’t go past B&D’s quality garage doors which come in an endless choice of door profiles to suit your individual taste and environment, as well as offering high-level security between indoors and out. There’s really no faster, or a more elegant way to secure your garage, car and home.

7. Big Doors

Give your house extra scale by raising all ground floor door heights to 2340mm which will add instant architectural weight to any interior space. Rawson offers the perfectly-proportioned range of Corinthian doors.

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