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Why a Narrower Lot is the Solution to Discovering your Dream Home

Often gracing illustrious “Top Ten Most Liveable Cities in the World” lists, a Sydney postcode is certainly a desirable prospect. And with good reason. So, it comes as no surprise that land affordability is something of an issue in this beautiful city by the sea.

But Sydney needn’t be unattainable. Here at Rawson Homes, we’ve made it our mission to provide prospective homeowners with a viable alternative to squeezing into unaffordable shoebox apartments in the confines of the inner city.

Before you see your dream house and the land it sits on shrink to nothing right before your eyes, rest assured that there is a solution: the answer to the affordable housing dilemma lies in exploring narrower lots in exciting new growth suburbs.

Indeed, the trend towards embracing clever floorplans that maximise smaller spaces is here to stay.

At Rawson, we focus on driving down the price point so that our homes are affordable, without sacrificing on quality or liveability. We have developed floorplans that maximise every square metre of these narrower sites, and employed features such as increased ceiling heights and skylights to give the impression of enlarged space.

Proving that the glorious Sydney lifestyle is still within reach, Rawson has looked to promising growth suburbs such as Marsden Park in Sydney’s North-West. It is here that buyers will truly find value for money, with practical yet beautiful homes in the Sydney’s fastest-growing suburbs.

As the demand for narrower lots grows, so has our offering, with our award-winning four-bedroom Huntley design proving especially popular. Offered with four floorplan options, the Huntley 24 is the narrowest, coming in at 9.60 metres and including a single garage. An entertainer’s dream, the Huntley ticks all the boxes for a family’s everyday needs and wants – proof that your dream home isn’t out of reach after all.

If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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