Cannas and Ashley

The home building process

Our Rawson Home - Cannas and Ashley

As loving mother and wife Cannas explains, in her Chinese culture, family and their dwelling are interchangeable – and she’s certainly feeling that spirit in her Rawson home with her husband and playful son Ashley.

Whether it’s a cheeky game of tip around the kitchen bench with young Ashley or family cricket time in the backyard, they are clearly comfortable.

“Downstairs is the heart of our family, so we spend a lot of time in the lounge,” Cannas explains. And why wouldn’t you, when it’s such a beautifully appointed and laid out living space.
“Being together,” Cannas adds, is “important as a family.” And every inch of their home fits their needs – family areas as well as room for everyone to get away. “That’s how we love it,” Cannas smiles. “I love cooking, I love baking, so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.”

Cannas and Ashley 2

“I love my room,” Ashley says. “It has all my technology,” he explains from in front of his laptop, adding there’s, “Loads of space for me and my friends to chill out.”
Ashley’s joy doesn’t stop there. “My second favourite room would have to be my drum room,” he adds about the room hosting a spare single bed and his kit. “I always go up there, play the drums, just rock out.”

It’s lucky then that Cannas has her own “quiet, peaceful” space downstairs, as the nature of her job means she works from home a lot.

But there is more scope to their pristine Rawson home.
“We have a granny flat. At the moment we rent it out for some passive income,” Cannas says, explaining that her and her husband are plotting out their retirement. “We were thinking ahead. We planned the future.”

Speaking about how they got to this happy place, Cannas says that when embarking on a housing journey, “It’s very important you have confidence in the builder,” so you know they can guarantee their promises on “quality and the timeframe. That’s why we ended up with Rawson Homes.
“For the price that we paid, we were super happy with the quality and the outcome.”

Checking if Ashley agrees it’s the best house on the street, Cannas adds, “I just want to say it’s perfect.”



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