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Spanish decorating tips for the Australian home

The Spanish Revival architecture trend became popular in California during the 1920s – think of the famous Santa Barbara house in Brisbane as well as The Plaza Theatre in Sydney. Easily recognisable by their white stucco exteriors, terracotta roof tiles, curved archways and thick wooden doors, these homes can also be found dotted around Australia.

This quirky style is currently experiencing a revival, so for a fun and current look, you can incorporate some of these Spanish inspired decorating ideas into your home.

Translated as “my home is your home”, this sentiment inspires thoughts of Spanish hospitality – sangria and tapas on the deck and opening your home to friends and family. There are a host of ways to bring this idea into your home. Either literally, with a doormat or artwork featuring this quote, or more generally with colourful accessories and designated spaces at-the-ready for impromptu entertaining. Check out our home designs for homes that fit your entertaining needs.

Patterned Tiles

The Spanish put patterned and hand painted tiles anywhere from stairs to floors to walls. A more popular look is to use them in your kitchen or bathroom splashback. This gives you a hint of hacienda that won’t clash with the rest of your design choices. Rawson Homes virtual selection centre makes it easy to try out different design features and elements in your dream home.

Painted pots for plants

Just like hand-painted tiles, hand-painted pots for plants is a very Spanish look. More is more when it comes to indoor and outdoor plants so these can be grouped anywhere in the home.

Rustic kitchen furniture

Thick wooden tables are a very Spanish look and also a very practical and long lasting option for modern families. Complete the look with a bowls of lemons or herbs, glass vases, vintage jugs and water bottles.

For the kids

You can keep the rustic theme going in the kids’ room with vintage toys, rustic storage options and a neutral colour palette. This is a fresh look compared to the bright colours often used in kids’ rooms. As an added advantage this look is gender neutral and not likely to need frequent updating. Kids of all ages will love this look.

One of the things that Australians do well in interiors is incorporating different design styles and making them work together. At Rawson we like to give you a modern and neutral base so you can mix and match and decorate in your own style.

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