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Five design features of a modern façade

Imagine how wonderful it would be to fall in love with the sight of your beautiful new home every time you drive up your driveway?

We know that, in many areas of life, first impressions count, so getting the façade of your new house design just right will ensure your new home design has real impact, absolute street appeal and is ideal for you.

From contrasting materials to sleek lines, there are so many amazing contemporary façade ideas out there to choose from. Here are five design features of a modern façade to inspire your research.

1.  Flat roof lines

Sleek lines are a must of any modern façade. One easy way to achieve this striking look articularly is by using strong vertical lines. The look is smart, simple, minimalist and striking. A flat roof line gives any modern haven instant curb appeal.

Our range of beautiful modern house facades includes some of the most stylish flat roof lines you've ever seen.

Grace facade
Sleek, smart and stylish: flat roof line architecture gives instant curb appeal.

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2.  Mixed materials

Mixed materials are featured in some of the most on-trend architectural façade designs of the moment. Using a combination of brick, weatherboard, render, timber, stone, concrete, metal, steel and glass can give your home a contemporary and more unique façade.

Traditional brick homes are being put aside in favour of a mix of cladding types and styles, which include unique designs and unusual shapes.

For example, consider a combination of black blocks paired with white bricks and grey exterior cladding. Or, try horizontal panels with white brick and pops of moody grey through vertical lines.

Windows provide some of this contrast, including the colours of drapes or other furnishings that show behind the glass.

Your aim in a mixed-materials façade design is for each material to contrast with the others, all creating a striking effect that is perfectly modern.

Belview modern starter dark
Combining different materials gives an edgy look to a modern home.

3.  Moody colour palette

Grey, black, white, neutral, ash, smoky, monochrome…

A modern façade incorporates a mix of moody colours and tones into its exterior colour palette. We offer façade options in both light and dark options, giving homeowners plenty of variety and flexibility when choosing the exterior design that best suits their style and the surrounding streetscape.

Different textures can help create a moody façade. And, if you want a pop of colour to contrast, brighten and lift all this moodiness, consider a brightly coloured front door.

Balmoral facade dark
Moody tones look great whether the weather is equally grey or the sun is out!

4.  Cantilevered second storeys

Planning a two-storey home gives you more room to play with inside your home. And it gives you a different scope when designing your façade.

Our range of two-storey modern house facades include options for a cantilevered section on the second level. This option makes it more likely you can enjoy the home you truly, badly, desperately dream about.

A cantilevered extension means that you can have an additional room that protrudes from the main house footprint. This extra room can be on the front of the house, as seen in the Huntley home design with Modern façade, or to the side or rear of the property.

Huntley light
The Huntley home design with Modern Enhanced façade uses cantilevering to add a balcony that protrudes from the main house footprint.

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5.  Minimalism

The minimalist look is here to stay and nowhere is it done better than in modern home facades. Minimalism is all about simplicity. It uses only the essentials to create an uncluttered look. Decorations can exist but sparingly and only in a mindful way.

Having a minimalist exterior façade is ideal for people who like and want to embrace minimalism as a lifestyle, as well as those who like uncluttered spaces and clean lines inside their home.

You’ve heard it time and time again: the minimalist look is here to stay and nowhere is it done better than in modern home façades. Minimalism is all about simplicity at its very best, which is why Rawson Homes offer modern façades that come in two levels: Starter and Enhanced. Starter is all about smart, simple designs that reflect the style of the range, while Enhance features your selected range style with added details to enhance the character of your home.

A minimalist home facade is about clean lines and simplicity. Featured above is the Grace home design with Modern façade on display now at HomeWorld Thornton.

How we can help with your preferred modern façade

At Rawson Homes, we want to help you design your dream home, both inside and out. That's why we offer modern façade that come in two levels: Starter and Enhanced.

  • Starter is all about smart, simple designs that reflect the style of the range
  • Enhance features your selected range style with added details to enhance the character of your home.

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What are 2023 trends for house facades in Australia?

At Rawson Homes, we closely follow house design trends. Our five tips for what’s trending in house façade design are: flat roof lines, use of mixed materials, moody colour palettes, use of cantilevering and minimalism. 

How do you modernise a house façade?

Colour is an important aspect of house façade design. Updating the colour of your home is an easier and more affordable way to modernise its look than replacing materials. You’d be surprised what a difference even updating the colour of a front door or window frames will bring!

What is the difference between façade and cladding?

Both these terms are connected to the look and feel of the outside of a house, however they are referring to different things. Façade is a fancy word for ‘front’, so the façade of your home is the look of the front of the house. Cladding is the process of placing one material on top of another, to either change the look of the building or to add an insulating layer. 


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