Ginninderry Display Homes

Explore the latest Rawson Homes Canberra Display Homes in the expanding Ginninderry Community Village. These innovative designs showcase style, functionality and energy efficiency. Discover them for yourself and visit the Ginninderry display home location today.

Plan your Ginninderry display home visit

Plan Your Day

Check out all of the great home designs from Rawson Homes at the Ginninderry display home location.


Visit other display centres across NSW and ACT, so you can determine where you’d like to go and which homes you are keen to visit. Make note of the opening hours, as these can vary depending on the location you are visiting.

Bring Your Family and Friends

Deciding on the right home for you is incredibly personal, but it’s always great to get feedback from your loved ones to ensure it fits your needs and desires. Why not get the whole family involved, so you can get feedback on the spot as to all of their favourite features that can be included in your new home.

Don’t Be Shy
Visiting the Ginninderry display village can be very overwhelming, yet super informative. Our new homes consultants are there to help you with anything you need, even if it is giving you the peace of taking in the amazing homes in all of their glory without interruption. Just be sure to let our consultants know if you have any questions, or would like to be shown the highlights of the home designs on display.
Take a Snap

If you are planning to visit more display villages after your trip to the Ginninderry display village, it can be hard to remember the elements you love. Rawson Homes is happy for you to take snaps along the way so you can remember all your favourite elements as you look through our displays. Alternatively, we have a great selection of display home images on our site, as well as a 3D home walkthrough so you can refresh your memory of your favourite new house designs.

Visit More Than Once

Building a new home is a huge investment, so take the time you need to view your chosen design more than once. This will help you at different stages of the home building process.


As you are narrowing down your choices, a second visit to view your favourite design can be imperative to ensure it ticks all your boxes. It will also help you determine if there are any features of the home that you are keen to customise to ensure your new home is a perfect match for your lifestyle. Rawson Homes can cater to numerous customisations to help make this a reality.

Tips and Inspiration

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