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5 Things Every Dream Home Has In Common (Part II)

1. Energy Efficiency for Better Return
Who doesn’t love saving a little money, and helping the planet while they’re at it? Rawson homes can be powered with a Bradford Solar ChargePack and Tesla Powerwall 2 to take a household’s energy bill down significantly, gain greater control of their own power, and make a real change in terms of their impact on the climate.


2. Master Suite with Master Bath and Walk-In Wardrobes
After a long day’s work, everyone wants to come home to a relaxing master ensuite with well-considered details where they can unwind in style. A spa-like bathroom and spacious walk-in wardrobe is music to most of our ears – check Rawson’s endless award-winning designs.


3. Outdoor Entertaining
A quick way to add square meterage and the feeling of space to any home is by adding a deck or patio. Extend your indoor living outside. Many new brands of outdoor furniture and decor are so comfortable and stylish you would swear it was meant for indoor use.


4. Spacious Garage
A garage is not just for your car these days. Having the space to fit a car plus bonus storage is always a massive feature. Utilising the extra square meterage as a workshop, games room or even storage can add great value.


5. Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Most of us work long, hard days and the last thing we want to do on the weekend is garden maintenance. Courtyards and gardens that combine pavers, minimal shedding trees and evergreen shrubs will minimise labour and maximise your time to relax.


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