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Make use of the backyard during the warmer seasons by investing in comfortably large outdoor cushions and beanbags, and set up a projector (hint: you can use a white sheet as a screen). By decorating trees with fairy lights and inexpensive paper lanterns, you can instantly transformed your yard into an after-dark hotspot that the whole family can enjoy.


Consider options like shades, a pergola, umbrellas or a sheltered alfresco dining area so you don’t have to run inside every time it rains. On top of that, glass/sliding doors that open out onto the backyard makes indoor spaces inside feel wider and lets in more natural light, while the outdoor area feels accessible. You can even install an outdoor fridge and barbecue or wood-fire oven so life is easier when friends and family come over for dinner.


Games room

If you don’t want a permanent games room, there’s ways to create one that you can set up and pack away quickly. Start with a small, wooden table that works for card or board games. You can also use this with an instant ping pong kit to play table tennis. If you’re looking for a game you can play without set-up, just pop a dart board on the back of the door. This way you can still use this room as a lounge or a study when there’s no one playing in it.


Home theatre

Every theatre room needs couches – the comfier the better. Make it cosier by adding plush cushions, warm throw rugs, soft floor rugs, and using the heating and cooling system so that you have a nice ambient temperature. Keep your theatre or lounge room clutter free so that everyone can spread out and see the TV without needing to pile on top of each other.


To upgrade your theatre experience, consider state of the art, slim line speakers. Not only do they sound great and make the most of the space, they can also be the key feature in the room. Where you place them matters too; they should be placed to enhance whatever you’re watching or listening to.


For colour schemes it’s best to use a flat paint that’s neutral and leans towards a darker or greyscale tone. You could even opt for red walls if you want a real theatre look and feel. Check out these colour tips from popular site Apartment Therapy.




Lighting is a major factor when you’re trying to create spaces that are both functional and social. Depending on the mood you’re going for, dimmer switches will give you flexibility when it comes to lighting options, while LEDs can be used to highlight areas like key stations in the kitchen or in the recesses of the living areas. As a bonus, LEDs are also cost effective, long lasting and energy efficient.


If you want to brighten your home overall, you can strategically place lighting and cool downlights in the dark corners of spaces like the home theatre and living rooms.



If you’ve ever had to clean up at a moment’s notice because a friend has popped in unexpectedly, you’ll know that “smart” storage is the key to keeping your home mess free. Making the most of every bit of space (for example, under the stairs, hidden cupboards, blanket boxes, under-couch storage etc.) helps keep your high traffic areas free of mess and ready for guests.


Final tip

By keeping your furniture minimal and all areas as tidy and uncluttered as possible, you’ll get more use out of each communal room.


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