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How to build a Hamptons style home from the outside in

Weatherboard façade, coastal-inspired colour palette – you don’t have to be an architect or design expert to know a Hamptons-style home when you see one.


This distinctive home design borrowed from the seaside holiday retreats of New York’s rich and famous remains one of the most popular styles of residential architecture in Australia, embraced for its relaxed elegance and celebration of indoor/outdoor living.


But creating an authentic Hamptons style home requires more than hanging a seaside landscape in the living room. It's about taking a holistic approach and embracing its trademark design elements on the exterior of your home as well as through interior design. Here’s how to embrace classic Hamptons style from the façade right through to the back gate.

Five essentials of a Hamptons exterior


  1. Gabled roofline

    Achieving Hamptons curb-side appeal starts at the top: with a standout roof. A pitched or gabled roof with wide eaves is an architectural hallmark of Hamptons style, allowing for decorative features such as windows and vents, as well as high ceilings to create light and airy interiors. Check out the Mayfield home design to see how multiple gables can create a grand street presence.


  2. Weatherboard walls

    Traditional Hamptons-style homes are best known for their timber-cladded exteriors, either horizontal boards or shingles. But timber requires a lot of maintenance in the harsh Australian climate, which is why a composite product such as James Hardie’s Linea weatherboard is a great alternative. The Linea weatherboard resists flaking, warping or swelling and is resistant to fire and damage from termites and moisture, while still achieving those deep shadow lines that evoke classic East Coast sophistication.

    Hamptons Design Inspiration



  1. Contrasting trim

    True Hamptons style is all in the details – think accent trims, window and door frames, decorative fretwork, columns on the veranda and cladding on the garage door. Accentuate each of these elements with a contrasting colour to add depth and dimension to the exterior of your home, just like we did on the Winchester home design.


  2. Coastal colour palette

    When choosing a colour scheme for your Hamptons-style home, look to the seaside for inspiration. Soft greys and neutrals work well as a base to make contrasting trims in white or cream pop, or opt for a bolder contrast of cool charcoal or dark grey as a base with white trim. Another popular combination is to reverse the monochromatic palette with a white base and dark trim.

    Rawson Hamptons Winchester facade 
  3. Outdoor entertaining

Blur the lines between inside and out with a set of bifold doors that can be pushed to one side to turn your al fresco living area into another room of the house during the warmer months. Hamptons style is all about relaxed indoor/outdoor living so style your alfresco zone with plenty of comfortable furniture in crisp white or wicker and pile high with canvas cushions in ocean-inspired colours. A manicured lawn and lush planter boxes will create the perfect Hamptons outlook.


Hamptons Design Inspiration

Five essentials of Hamptons interior design


  1. Light, bright and open floorplan

    Traditional Hamptons interiors are spacious and generously proportioned, but that doesn’t mean you need a huge footprint, just some thoughtful planning. Keep the layout open and maximise the flow of one room to the next. Natural light is key, so position windows carefully to make the most of the house’s orientation and to promote air flow.


  2. Timber panelling

    Once again, it’s all about the subtle details that exude a quiet elegance. Timber panelling and decorative architraves, fireplaces and balustrades will add depth and dimension to your interiors, particularly if you opt for the traditional all-white colour scheme. James Hardie’s HardieGroove lining can be used on a feature wall, staircase or even on the ceiling to inject a casual, coastal vibe with tongue-and-groove panelling.


    Hamptons Design Inspiration

  3. Shaker-style cabinetry

    No Hamptons kitchen is complete without classic Shaker-style cabinetry. The Shaker profile features a recessed panel, which can be paired with a combination of open shelving and glass-panelled doors in the kitchen and living areas. Punctuate joinery with antique-style handles in black or bronze or aged gold for another layer of luxury. A big island bench is the perfect spot for friends and family to gather.


    Hamptons Design Inspiration

  4. Layered lighting

    Aim for multiple light sources to create warmth and ambiance. Make sure overhead ambient lighting has a dimmer switch and use lantern-style pendant lights and a mixture of wall sconces, table and floor lamps to create an intimate setting in the evenings and highlight artwork.


  5. Natural fabrics

Hamptons-style furniture is all about celebrating natural materials, from recycled timber dressers and cane armchairs to linen cushions and woven rugs in wool, jute or sisal. Take cues from the coastal colour palette and keep soft furnishings muted with ocean-inspired accent colours – think oversized sofas draped with woollen throw rugs – and add a built-in window seat to create the perfect spot to while away a lazy weekend.

Learn how you can bring Hamptons elegance to your new home by calling 1300 223 345 to speak with one of Rawson Homes’ design consultants.



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