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How to Incorporate Some Scandinavian Style Into Your Home

Scandinavians are renowned for their impeccable style, clean lines and enviable lifestyle especially when it comes to the way they set out their homes.


The rest of the world has been taking design cues from them in recent times and it looks to be a trend that is going to stick around.


Bring some Scandinavian style into your own home with these simple tips.


Bring the outside inside
Scandinavians are very in touch with nature and the outdoors, which is evident in their use of natural, organic colours and fibres in their homes. Incorporate natural, untreated wood to create a warm and welcoming space, or bring in some simple indoor plants to create a fresh, organic feel.

Maximise natural light
Rawson homes are designed with open plan areas that enhance the flow of natural light from one room to another. Well placed windows and indoor/outdoor zones complement this. Many of our home designs have indoor/outdoor zones maximising light, providing a feeling of space and evoking that Scandinavian feeling.

White on white
Don’t be afraid of empty, white space. Create a pure, fresh feel in your home by embracing white — and lots of it. White walls not only help to bounce light around better but they provide the perfect canvas for you to use strategically placed pops of colour and pattern to bring your room to life.

Stay light and bright
Winters are very dark in Scandinavia, so the use of bright, light colours helps to counteract the early sunsets and keep the positive vibes flowing. It might seem counterintuitive to use light colours to warm up a home as we often use dark, moody colours to create warmth, but it is surprisingly effective and complements the warmer Australian lifestyle perfectly.

Experiment with textures
Rugs, blankets, cushions and wall art in a variety of textures are staples of Scandinavian style. For an authentic look, focus on natural fibres such as wool and fur. Your room should feel cosy, welcoming and oh-so-touchable. 

Simplicity, form and function
Focus on filling your home with beautiful, simple and functional things. Scandinavian homes are easy to navigate and have minimal clutter — each item serves a purpose and silhouettes are clean and unfussy. If you’re not ready to give up all your beloved belongings just yet, opt for discreet storage solutions to keep your space looking neat and tidy.

Do you have any other tips for incorporating Scandinavian style into your home?

If you want to build your family home with Scandinavian style, contact us today and start your planning with us.

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