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Colour: What’s Trending for Homes Right Now

Bye bye beige:

Fashion goes in cycles so it was only a matter of time before neutral on neutral was over. Neutrals will always have their place – to complement statement features, but design is moving away from them being a statement on their own.

If your home is full of neutrals don’t panic – read on as we run through ways to use that as a base for playing with the latest trends.

Walls are an obvious place to inject colour. In the ‘80s many homes were painted pastel apricot, yellow or pink. And the great news is that this is a perfectly acceptable decorating option once more.

Rather than the twee country style furnishings that were big back then, metallics and clean lines bring this look into 2017.

Gold and metallic finishes are best incorporated with accessories. Embrace this trend with lamps, vases, stacking tables and plant holders – keeping in mind that silver and gold have already replaced copper in this domain.

Looking to the catwalks:

Gucci is famous for its maximalist approach to design and its 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection took this to the top with sequins, glitter embroidery, metallic ruffles and vivid colours capturing the fashion mood of the moment.

This maximalist vibe is also informing our choices for the home.

In furniture (like fashion) velvet is having a moment. Think royal blue, purple and emerald green plush couches.

You can adopt more than one option – or even layer all these trends together. Yes, you can have pastel walls, a purple couch and a ridiculous amount of plants in metallic holders right now and no one will flinch.

But how do I make sure my home doesn’t date?

The stark white walls and floors of the past decade are being replaced with options that create depth like dark greys and terracotta.

If you don’t want to commit to covering your floor in terracotta tiles, you can add warmth to your rooms with wood finish cabinetry in bathrooms and kitchens. Accenting this with white and dark grey is a current and classic option that will stand the test of time.

You are then free to keep your colour injections to paint, rugs and artwork. These can be mixed up and changed for effortless updates over the life of your home.

Accessories are your best friend in this area too, so play with affordable cushions, ornaments and lamps if you are still finding your interior design style.

Our interior design team are always looking into new trends. Why not take the opportunity to visit our display homes to get some inspiration when you build your new home.

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