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The hottest home design trend predictions of 2018

Are you planning a new build or some renovations and want your house to be embracing fashions and trends for 2018? We take a look at some of the burgeoning trends for home décor that you can easily incorporate into your own home.

Colour is one of the most significant facets of design trends that are easy, inexpensive and effective way of sprucing up a room or whole house. Here are some colour trends that we’re going to start seeing more and more.

In what has been labelled by expert interior designers as “controlled rusticity”, this colour scheme incorporates reassuring earthy tones, such as cinnamon, mustard yellow, sienna, rust and other desert tones. Reminiscent of a sunset, this palette will even incorporate soft purples, such as mauve.

Further capitalising on the nature inspired theme, is what has been dubbed as “organic matter”, featuring greenery, grass colours and soothing verdant greens that remind you of foliage. This theme provides an overgrown feeling, which is the perfect counterbalance for the ever overtaking urban areas. With vegetal colours such as Beautiful Kale (Pantone 18-0107), celery and Yeabridge Green, your home will pleasantly start to resemble a salad or green smoothie.

These comforting colours will complement wood and other natural textures surprisingly well, thus making it an easy transition into “on trend” designs without having to redo the whole house’s look.

Also continuing their trend will be softer greys, mineral greys, hints of lilac and greyscale tones that provide warmth and offer a space for reflection, without dampening the mood. These contemporary greys match and complement our technological devices and increased connectivity in the modern era.

The design “curveball” for 2018 will be a Barbie like pink, nicknamed “millennial pink” and is set to be one of the hottest trends in colours, particularly with the younger generations. Be sure to check out Rawson Homes guide on choosing the right colour combination for your home to find some interior design inspiration.

An essential item for any home, is the humble couch. So much activity and shared moments can take place on this seemingly simple bit of furniture. So it’s no surprise that it is constantly reinvented each year.

Looking to 2018, we can see that couches and sofas will comprise of cushiony, plumped and curved shapes and will be made of luscious, indulgent fabrics and touchable textures (think velvet). They will beckon luxury and look irresistible to sit on.

Furniture mogul, IKEA, have announced their soon to be popular item for 2018, the Delaktig modular sofa bed which is set to be a key piece in many homes around the world.

Kitchens are going to steer away from the traditional white and be updated with super sleek black features including tap wear, appliances, benchtops and even sinks, which will create a sophisticated and contemporary look.

Pendant lighting will continue to remain strong, in an array of metallic tones. For the bold homeowner, sputnik pendant lighting in polished nickel, brass and chrome accompanied by varying choices of globes will become important feature lighting. Adding this type of striking and funky piece in your communal rooms will certainly create conversation amongst guests.

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