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A Hamptons Guide: From Facade to Fit-out

Interview with Nadia Fitzgerald, Senior Interior Designer with leading home-builder, Rawson Homes
Words Jo Stewart

An architectural style inspired by a holiday hotspot favoured by America’s rich and famous, the Hamptons home design is now found thousands of kilometres from the coastal villages of upstate New York where the style first originated.

With locals showing keen interest in the iconic home style, Rawson Homes has made it possible for Australians to create the Hamptons aesthetic, from facade to fit-out. Check out our Hamptons-style Elyse and Kymira home designs for you and your family.

An elegant choice that manages to bridge the classic and coastal looks, a Hamptons façade has strong street appeal. As a Senior Interior Designer at Rawson Homes, Nadia Fitzgerald understands why local home buyers and builders have an enduring love affair with the Hamptons home.

“I believe people are drawn to the Hamptons style façade due to the grandness it presents. A large roofline, double-hung windows, wraparound veranda – what’s not to love? It oozes sophistication with a homely feel. The use of texture, colour and depth is what draws the eye to the grand appearance of this style of home,” says Nadia.

Beyond the warm and welcoming façade, typical interior design features of the Hamptons look include white walls, dark floorboards, marble benchtops and oversized accessories such as pendant lights. Add some of these features to your dream home in our virtual design studio to see how they feel.

Nadia says the versatility and adaptability of the style make it an ideal design, well suited to the Australian way of life. “Australia’s relaxed, comfortable, indoor-outdoor lifestyle lends itself well to this style of home. The style can be manipulated to create more than one look – from coastal, to traditional, modern and even something more glamorous,” says Nadia.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a Kennedy to live in a Hamptons home. Once an unaffordable style enjoyed by an exclusive few, Rawson Homes has enabled more people to live their dream by placing the coveted home aesthetic within reach of buyers without New York-sized cheque books.

Nadia advises her clients to avoid home design fads that lose appeal quickly, and instead opt for a timeless style that’s guaranteed to remain en vogue for decades to come. It’s this advice that has seen everyone from young first homebuyers to retiring downsizers show interest in a Hamptons-style home.

“Over the years, I have discussed this look with clients of all ages and lifestyles. One of the greatest benefits of this style of home is that you’re not going to build something that will date,” says Nadia. Trends may come and go, but a Hamptons home never goes out of style.

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