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The home building process

Build better together: the key to building your new home

Building a home is an exciting and daunting time full of paint swatches, legal paperwork, budget spreadsheets and floor plans.

At Rawson Homes, we believe that building a new home should be an experience that people enjoy and we know that one size does not fit all. That’s why we’ve refined our approach to give you the home you want in a way that works for you. We call it – Build better, together, and it’s allowing us to offer better design, better quality, better price and a better experience for our customers.


So, what does the build process look like with Rawson Homes? In short, you tell us. You can now choose from three different build journeys – Select, Adapt and Tailored – depending on your lifestyle, budget and how you would like to create your home.

Whether you’re a first home buyer dipping your toe into the property market or a previous homeowner, the Build Better Together process gives you clearly defined steps and choices on the journey towards finishing your dream home.

Select: all the choice without complexity 

A major benefit of a new build home is the ability to adapt the design to suit your lifestyle and the size and shape of your block of land. The ‘Select’ option in the Build Better Together journey gives you the ability to put personal touches on a range of architecturally designed floor plans and facades.

Balmoral facade

You can choose from a curated range of our most popular home designs and facades, and then make pre-set modifications to the floor plan and personalise your fixtures and fittings through Custom collections. This option is perfectly suited to home builders looking for an intuitive and seamless process that simplifies the home-build journey – getting you into your new home and settled with ease.  

Get started with a base floor plan and then choose from a range of pre-designed changes based on the most popular modifications requested by our customers. This might be extending the alfresco area, adding a guest suite to accommodate relatives or even flipping the rear of the plan to better suit the orientation of your block.


Finally, add in custom finishes to personalise the look and feel of your home. These are the final trimmings that really add a homeliness to the finished product. Now it’s time to get packing!

The Rawson Select Process

  • Step 1: Choose your home design and façade
  • Step 2: Select your pre-designed floor plan changes
  • Step 3: See it come to life in a digital sales plan
  • Step 4: Select your fixtures and finishes with Custom Collections
  • Step 5: Start your build

Adapt: further modify to suit your lifestyle

Looking to make a few extra modifications to suit your block and lifestyle? With Rawson Homes Adapt, we offer even more flexibility to make changes to your chosen home design and floor plan.

The benefit of ‘Adapt’ is the foundational support of a curated range of well-designed floor plans and facades with the flexibility to make tweaks to the layout, room sizes and window positions. Found a floor plan with the perfect orientation and number of bedrooms but the living areas aren’t quite big enough to accommodate your lifestyle? Easily fixed! Book in a planning session with a Rawson Homes consultant to adapt the design to your specific needs.


Not only can you make certain adjustments to the size and position of your rooms, you can also change the size of windows and doors to maximise natural light and flow through the house. The Adapt model doesn’t assume the needs and requirements of your household; instead, our specialist consultants work with you to create a layout that adapts to the way you want to live.

For those regularly scanning the property market, it’s rare to find a house that immediately meets all of your needs. Building a new home gives you the flexibility to change floor plans, personalise rooms with custom finishes and create spaces that will adapt with your changing needs – no compromise required!

The Rawson Adapt Process

  • Step 1: Choose your home design and facade
  • Step 2: Select your pre-designed floor plan changes
  • Step 3: Meet with our expert team to adapt it to your needs
  • Step 4: See it come to life in a digital sales plan
  • Step 5: Select your fixtures and finishes with Custom Collections
  • Step 6: Start your build

For more information about building a new home with Rawson Homes, check out our range of home designs or call 1300 223 345 to chat with one of our sales consultants.


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