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Renovating vs Rebuilding

By – Peter Slominski, Rawson General Manager, Hunter Region

Research shows that moving house is one of life’s most stressful experiences. Second to that – besides being audited of course – arguably comes renovating your home.

The reality is that all of us will contemplate multiple moves and quite possibly a renovation at some time in our lives. But few of us think of a third alternative, that being knocking down our current home to rebuild a new, modern residence. Consider saving yourself the stress and going from #Drab2Fab by rebuilding with Rawson.

Identifying the right option for you comes down to a range of factors, starting with just how much time you have to spare.

Not to be underestimated, managing contractors and renovation is a big job that can be very time consuming. It’s important to assess whether you have the ability to manage this process over several months.

When you love the area you live in, extending or renovating your existing home is usually a better option than moving. However, with many rebuilding projects, there can be hidden elements that only come to light once the works have started on site.

This can include hidden asbestos that is often sheeted or clad over, or foundations that are subsiding or not adequate to take the extension. Termites may have caused extensive damage to the structure of your house, electrical wiring may not meet the current regulations or service pipes may no longer comply.

Unfortunately, no amount of homework can uncover all of these hidden items, not to mention the costs required to rectify them.

This is why considering a knock down and rebuild can be a better option. As well as avoiding the aforementioned problems, it can come out as less expensive than the renovation/extensions combo.

It also results in an all new, modern home built on your own land, in the area you love. The great thing about choosing the knock down rebuild option with Rawson is that it is possible to do so at a fixed price with no hidden extras on the home of your choice.

At Rawson, we have helped thousands of families achieve their dream home by inspecting their property and producing an all-inclusive price from our extensive range to suit their budget and lifestyle. Find out more about our building process.

Yes, there will be a period of time you will have to live elsewhere, but this is often shorter than the period of time taken to renovate. Plus, you don’t have to live in a dust bowl with workers coming and going at all hours.

Once approved, it’s as simple as moving out with the assurance of knowing when your new home will be completed, and moving back in with nothing more to do.

And suddenly you’ll find yourself in your dream family home in a neighbourhood you already love.


Click here for more information and to download our Rebuild with Rawson brochure, or contact us here if you’re ready to renovate.

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