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Our interior designer Julia Johnson takes you through our new Serene home design providing you with styling tips and insights on how to create this look in your home.

Our interior design team love brainstorming and this defining look came to fruition due to this process.

‘For us this is the best part about creating the inspiration behind the Serene’ says Julia.

‘Early planning stages are not necessarily driven by following a theme but creating an interior that is sympathetic to the home layout, building materials and its location.’

Taking the above into consideration, was how Julia and our interiors team decided on the elements of this home being focused and created in an industrial style.

“Creating this look was achieved by combining rough timber surfaces with our furnishing, texture in our fabrics and clean flat surfaces within the kitchen and bathrooms. We were looking for neutral tones to fill the spaces that inspired warmth and comfort. One of the main elements added to the home to complete the semi-industrial look was the wing back leather aged chair.”

Julia also recommends that when accessorising a home like this you can have some fun while keeping within the look by adding items such as feature glass bulb light fittings, a single striking piece of art or horns / antlers next to a stack of books on the coffee table.

To create the final touch to this home Julia decided on bold contrasts between light and dark tones throughout the home to reinforce a raw, semi-industrial aesthetic.


Check out our virtual Dreambuilder design studio to add your own aesthetic to any of our homes. Contact our team for more information.


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