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How to create the perfect gallery wall (Part I)

So you’ve just received the keys to your new home, which means it’s time to decorate and bring the space to life! A gallery wall is a perfect way to inject some sophistication and personality into your living space.



A gallery wall is generally best suited to the largest wall space of your home which will often be in your master bedroom or living room. A larger wall will allow you to select medium to large frame artworks, therefore further opening up the space with a touch of personal style and flare. A wall that is too small or artworks that are too small will close off the space and make it feel smaller, so keep this in mind.


Another great option to consider is building your gallery wall around an anchor such as a bed, sofa or buffet. This will centre the display nicely and draw your guests attention towards your stylish wall of art.



The Organised Grid

Arranging your artworks in an organised grid or symmetrical form keeps things uniform and neat within a space. This is a great option if you have a room that is already quite busy with furnishings, accessories and contrasting patterns. For this style of presentation, simply choose evenly sized artworks with identical frames to be displayed in a straight line, either vertically or horizontally in a side by side fashion.


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