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Thinking of renovating? Here’s why you should build a new home instead

You’ve seen the renovating shows and don’t envy the dramas, botched jobs or designs gone wrong. But your home no longer suits your lifestyle and is long overdue for an update. What you might not realise is that knocking down and rebuilding your existing home from scratch can actually give you a whole bunch of benefits that renovating can’t.

You spend less


Your ideal home might actually be within your reach. The best part about knocking down your existing place and rebuilding a new home is that it could be much cheaper than renovating. The cost per square metre is often a lot less and that’s not even taking into account ongoing maintenance and replacement costs, which are much cheaper with modern homes. On top of that, you avoid the risk of overspending, blowing out your budget and overcapitalising on renovations.


‘Per square metre, builders working on renovations often charge over double the Rawson Homes rebuild rate and that’s before you even factor in the architect’s bill. At the end of the day, sometimes it’s more expensive to introduce a few new rooms than it is to knock down a house and rebuild it from scratch,’ said Jeff Dennis, Rawson Homes


You can get what you want


When you rebuild from scratch you’re starting with a fresh slate so you can get exactly what you want, like a larger bathroom so you don’t have to fight your partner for the mirror or extra study rooms so you can work from home in peace. You also don’t need to compromise with your existing house structure so you can make the most of your block and build a larger home with room for you and your family to grow.


You can make a house where everything matches


Imagine doing renovations only to end up with modern fixtures that clash with parts of the original house. Building from scrath means you can get a consistent, elegant style throughout your home, from the bathroom tiles to fittings on your front entrance. Whichever design you choose, Rawson Homes has a huge array of fittings that will suit your taste.


You don’t find any nasties


By knocking down and starting again, you reduce the risks of coming across undetected hazards, leaks and outdated pipes, wiring and structural facets of the home — all of these cost a lot to fix.

With Rawson Homes, the demolition process includes the removal of any existing structures on your home site, including old footings, service pipes, asbestos, shrubs, retaining walls, sheds, concreting and paths. We also make sure that your new home complies with BASIX.


You can be smart


Brand new homes have capabilities to be smart homes. This means you can connect utilities and functionalities (such as air conditioning, lighting and entertainment units) to your smartphone or device and run everything from one place. Not only can you turn off the kitchen lights without leaving the bed, but you can also reduce your energy use and costs. Older homes generally can’t let you do this, or it costs an arm and a leg to install.


Finally, it’s yours, and yours alone

Nothing beats the feeling of looking at the brand new home that you’ve built from the ground up, in the place that you love.

Discover how we can help you rebuild your dream home, contact us today!

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