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How to create a welcoming home

Your home should tell the story of who you are. However, due to the busyness of life, many people become overwhelmed at the thought of how they make their home more welcoming.


A garden must be low in maintenance. Whilst there are those amongst us who are blessed with a ‘green thumb’, even they struggle from time to time with the upkeep required. Plan your garden with as much care as you would devote to the interior of your home. Are you looking for the overgrown, ‘natural’ look or do you prefer a manicured effect? Consider installing a watering system or use native plants that require minimal water, and always be mindful of the size of what you are planting. Fragrant plants not only attract insects and make your garden more sustainable but they will add a further sensory dimension to make your home inviting.


Aside from your garden, the façade of your home is the next most important feature when ensuring that your house is inviting. Two areas to consider are the colour and the type of paint to be used. Take the opportunity to peruse the breathtakingly rich and elegant colour combinations displayed on our website. One complete blocked colour is always stylish, however, you might also consider accentuating window frames and doors with a darker, bolder shade to provide an interesting contrast. Be very mindful that the brand of paint is durable. Taubmans 3 Endure Coat Paint System is aimed at savvy customers who value quality and a cost effective product.


Arriving to a light-filled home not only signals warmth but also a feeling of safety. Consider installing outside lighting that is not only sensor activated but also on a timer. A timer might also be appropriate for internal lighting. For security purpose it gives the illusion that other people are home. Subtle internal lighting can also create an inviting feeling of openness for family and friends. 

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