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The Home Building Process

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 Shorehaven Facade Elite
Sep 12, 2017

What to do (and what not to do) when building your house

Building a new home is a great opportunity to have exactly what you want and a space that is tailored to you or your family.

 Shorehaven Facade Elite
Aug 8, 2017

When Homes Are Designed For Your Family’s Specifications

Every family is different, and trying to design a home that fits everyone’s needs is like fitting a square peg into a round hole.

 Shorehaven Facade Elite
Aug 1, 2017

Built To Last: Why It’s Important To Build Your ‘Forever’ Home

There is no better feeling than getting keys to their first family home. It’s a great accomplishment to purchase your own home!

 Shorehaven Facade Elite
Oct 27, 2016

Planning a Home for a Growing Family

Things to consider before planning a new home for your growing family, to ensure you and the kids can live together in harmony.

 Shorehaven Facade Elite
Sep 4, 2013

Building in a Bushfire Prone Zone

Protecting your new home and property against bushfires

 Shorehaven Facade Elite
Apr 16, 2013

Building Blunders - Avoid the Pitfalls

Building blunders: 3 ways to derail your project Building the home of your dreams is an exciting process.