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9 Innovative Garden Designs for 2018

Thanks to Australia’s beautiful, year-round, weather conditions, the humble backyard can become not only an extension of our living space but also an opportunity to show our creativity with design. Check out our home designs or visit one of our display locations to get a taste of our gardens and what design features you can add.

  1. Open Air Living Rooms
    For a minimal cost, a covered outdoor space can provide an extra living area for the family or an entertaining venue for get-togethers with friends. Whether you choose a portable or permanent structure, your garden will provide the perfect backdrop for a versatile space that can be redesigned for different occasions, using new or existing furnishings to create a different mood and setting for any occasion.

  2. Minimalist Pergolas
    The pergola has now become much more than a structure to provide shade in a backyard. Instead, it is being used as a statement piece to add depth and create contrast in what was once, a one dimensional space. Choose your pergola to not only provide an outdoor retreat but also to add value to your home. 

  3. Bringing the Outdoors Inside
    The benefits of “green therapy” on mental health cannot be understated. In our fast-paced world, it is essential to create a living space that can be opened to increase airflow and provide ease of access to plants and foliage in outdoor areas. This can be achieved by a variety of techniques such as increasing the width of door openings or using bi-fold doors.

  4. Fire Features 
    Whether you choose a fire pit, a fireplace or even invest in a pizza oven, many great memories will be forged with family and friends, as your garden is transformed into a gathering place for fun and laughter. Peruse the Rawson Homes site for a range of ideas on fire features to suit your home.

  5. Slat Fences
    Choose either horizontal or vertical panels to create defined sections, and to give the illusion of depth and space in your backyard. Often used to give privacy, you can add your own artistic flair to these screens by choosing bold colours and designs. Alternatively neutral, earthy shades allow your screen to appear as a natural backdrop to your beautiful garden area.

  6. The Four Season Planter
    Every backyard must have a focal point. This can be effectively and cheaply achieved by having one planter box that can be easily maintained through each of the four seasons of the year. Considerations when preparing your plantar include positioning for sunlight, drainage and durability of the pots used. Spend time researching the most appropriate plants to suit your budget and gardening interests.

  7. Rollaway Walls
    Often our wish for a new and exciting look, can result in costly, time-consuming landscaping that may not turn out exactly as we planned. An alternative to permanent changes to your garden could be the popular rollaway aluminum sliding doors. Rawson Homes uses the leading Australian manufacturer Stegbar, to create unique outdoor living spaces that can be changed to suit the occasion.

  8. Monochrome Palettes
    Often the simplicity of a neutral colour will emphasise the vivacious richness of the plants that you have thoughtfully and lovingly nurtured. Alternatively, consider a striking black wall to provide a contrasting backdrop for a sea of vibrant flowers, that will surely be the envy of all your neighbours. Choosing the right colour combination for your home can be crucial to having the right feeling in an outdoor setting.

  9. Portable Gardens
    Often our interest in gardens or backyards may wane depending on time constraints and finances. This can be remedied with portable planters and pots that can be easily moved to create new and exciting designs as you thoughtfully put your individual stamp on your ‘special’ place.

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