Get the look of the Three Birds Dream Home built by Rawson Homes

Sometimes renovations can take longer than expected, which is why doing a knockdown rebuild project can be a great alternative, like the Three Birds Dream Home built by Rawson Homes

Bonnie, Lana and Erin from Three Birds Renovations were wowed by the speed and efficiency of the Rawson team with the construction of the new Three Birds Dream Home built by Rawson Homes, as the framework, shell and internals went up in record time. 

As Lana says, “Rawson builds homes over and over again; they build way more homes than we do. Of course they know what they’re doing, of course they build them fast; it’s just so exciting!” 

Designing for average blocks 

To date, the Three Birds’ builds have been on larger block sizes, including acreage, so they were keen to work with the experts at Rawson to ensure the house incorporated all the must-haves for family living on an average block size. 

Council setback restrictions and tight site coverage ratios added to the challenge, but as Knockdown Rebuild specialists, Rawson is used to juggling the requirements from local authorities on sites this size (560 sqm block), to build the first Three Birds Dream Home. 

“We’ve worked closely with their experts and particularly, their architects and head of innovation,” Lana says. “They’ve got expertise that we don’t have. We’ve got the vision – we know what we want and what it looks like – and they’re making it happen within the envelopes that they know work.” 

Erin agrees: “With any new build, or renovation, there is compromise, but the end product will be spectacular,” she says.  

The kitchen 

Bonnie says, “When we’re designing kitchens, our go-to is an open-plan family-friendly kitchen, something that people can congregate around, people can be sitting in the dining room or lounge and you can still be communicating with everyone from the kitchen.” 

A generously sized butler’s pantry manages to hide some of the day-to-day workings from the main kitchen, and the curved island bench encourages congregation for family participation at meal times.    


The curved staircase

A ‘wow’ piece, the statement staircase is a talking point in the home’s design. Carefully designed and constructed from curvaceous plaster, it’s a key focal point from the moment you walk in the front door.  

“OMG! The entry of the home is amazing!” says Lana. “It’s all about the curves, baby, the curves. This is a major feature in our home. You don’t see many staircases like this in homes like this. 

“It’s a beautiful moment where you’re going to walk up the curved staircase, pop out the top and then you turn right to walk in the main bedroom.”


The laundry

Rawson knows the laundry is always a focus of a family home, and special attention has been paid to this space. “It’s a good-sized laundry,” says Bonnie, as she inspects the site, measuring out where the cabinetry will be. Light-filled, thanks to a spectacular round window, this is a room that will work hard – and still look as good as the rest of the house. 

“There’s enough space for your baskets or any of the laundry mess,” points out Lana. 


The landscaping 

With any Knockdown Rebuild, landscaping plays a big part in ensuring a new home sits well into the existing neighbourhood. Indeed, it’s often a prerequisite of planning approval, unlike a new estate. Erin says, “You can’t forget landscaping, it makes all the difference. And in this home, we’re going to pick all the best bits from our homes, and bring it all here.” 

The chosen design includes an outdoor firepit area in front of the house, creating another informal meeting place for the family and separated from the street by a spectacular stone-clad fence. At the rear, curves reign supreme again, creating more outdoor entertaining areas around the pool with a curved rendered wall that hides the shed.  

The void 

Opening onto the spacious backyard, the rear of the home is filled with light thanks to the generous double-height void leading off the open-plan kitchen and living area. 

“In a double-storey house, a void is so important because it just creates this beautiful space and this beautiful airy feeling,” says Bonnie. 


The cladding 

In keeping with the theme of Coastal Cool, the weatherboard finishes on the façade create an aesthetic that manages to look both classic and modern at the same time, fitting nicely into the existing streetscape. 

The details 

With any design, the point of difference comes down to details – and this is where the Three Birds Dream Home shines. Subtle elements such as the brass trim on the tread of the stairs, the touch of gold on the handles in the kitchen and bathroom, the brushed gold tapware throughout and the fingerprint-resistant dark stainless steel appliances in the kitchen all add up to a thoughtful, practical family home. 

Interested in learning more?  

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